Transportation Management System

Transportation Management System PracticeOne of the most cost critical components of Supply Chain Execution (SCE) is proper use of the Transportation Management Systems (TMS). We will guide you lay the transportation plan that best fits in your business and design the strategy to select right transportation mode and carrier, make load plan and optimize routes, ultimately reducing the transportation cost. We have extensive experiences in dealing with customer compliance rules, VICS routing guide, parcel shipping, bill of lading, and many aspects of shipping goods to the customers.

Our consultants have knowledge of various transportation modes, including international transportation, FTZ operations, dealing with HAZMAT products. We will help you setting your TMS application for your transportation planning and execution to reduce the transportation costs and ensure the shipment is perfectly reaching to the recipients in due time.

See our success stories as a sample representation of what we have done for our clients. If you are interested to know more about our capabilities contact us today.

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